Updating xp to vista

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The special Easy Transfer cable can be used for the migration but this is not necessary. MIG on the hard disk, a network location, or burned on CD.

The wizard asks which data and settings (of the different accounts) have to be transferred.

The best advise: take some time to investigate which edition of Windows Vista to buy the first time!

Transferring the files and settings of the Windows XP installation to the new Windows Vista environment is done easily with the tool Windows Easy Transfer (download:

Besides that, it is useful to know that the current Windows XP settings can be easily transferred to the new Windows Vista user account with the tool Windows Easy Transfer.

The page ends with some information about installing Windows Vista as a multiboot system next to the currently installed Windows XP.

For a satisfying Windows Vista experience, the computer requires at least a 2 Ghz processor, 2 Gb memory, a fast hard disk of at least 200 Gb and a graphics card with at least 256 Mb of memory and support for Direct X 9 (necessary for the new Aero Glass interface).When a graphics card with less capabilities is used, the Aero Glass interface will be disabled but it is still possible to use Windows Vista.For the consumer market, Windows Vista is available in four flavors ( Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate (besides these editions there is a Basic edition for developing countries and the Enterprise edition for companies with a volume license, these two are not discussed on this website).Every edition is available in both 32- and 64-bits (the full edition and the official Upgrade edition of Windows Vista Ultimate contain both versions).The different features for each edition The available features depend on the edition of Windows Vista, therefore a short overview of the most important differences between the editions.

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